Pedicures and Manicures at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

Pedicures and Manicures at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

Pedicures and manicures in Durbanville

Pure Day Spa provides some of the best manicures and pedicures Durbanville has to offer. Our treatments are not only a relaxing indulgence, they also happen to promote the general health and well-being of your hands, feet and nails. Our varied treatments include classic and deluxe treatments, buffing, filing and painting treatments, as well as Medi-Heel treatments to remove cracked/hard skin on the feet. We also offer gel nail application and removal treatments for those who want to add a dash of colour! If you are interested in getting a professional pedicure or manicure, feel free to contact Pure Day Spa. Our gift voucher options include pedicure and manicure treatments.

Take time out to treat yourself to pampering pedicures and manicures that are offered by professionals! We have a wide selection to choose from, all of which are sure to put a smile on your face.

We pride ourselves on staying on-trend with all the latest beauty treatments, which is why we offer clients fantastic gelish pedicures and manicures. Gelish is a revolutionary product – it is a polish which, when applied, goes on like a normal nail polish but provides the end result of gel nails. Our therapists – and clients – love this product, as it offers a quick, easy and efficient gel application process. We also offer the opportunity for clients to add on a Medi-Heel treatment, in which we exfoliate and soften the skin of the feet and heels, ending with a rejuvenating and healing cream application.

For the most outstanding pedicures and manicures Durbanville clients have ever experienced, Pure Day Spa therapists ensure that they use nothing but the best products on the market. We are known for providing clients with exceptional manicures and pedicures – so why not book one with us today to make yourself feel special? You know you deserve it!

Massages at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

Massages at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

For premier massages in Durbanville

Relieve stress and promote relaxation and wellbeing through the use of our massage therapies. With our back, neck and shoulder, or full body massages, guests are sure to feel completely at ease and able to take on whatever life may throw at them.

Pure Day Spa provides the most exclusive range of massages, and our offerings include Swedish Massages to encourage relaxation and health benefits, Aromatherapy Massages to lift the mood and entice the senses, Hot Stone Massages to relax the muscles, Pregnancy Massages to soothe aching muscles and joints and much, much more! If you are interested in spending a day enjoying some of the best massages Durbanville has to offer, Pure Day Spa is the ultimate solution.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with massages that not only relax and unwind tight muscles but also provide other health benefits. Our Deep Tissue and Swedish Massages are used to increase blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system, helping with emotional and physical stress. We provide fantastic Indian Head Massages, which can feel similar to a reflexology massage (performed on the feet) but the effects are felt throughout the body. Come to Pure Day Spa and spoil yourself with a sumptuous massage, or treat your loved one to a fun Couple’s Massage treat!

Facials at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

Facials at Pure Day Spa in Durbanville

The best facials Durbanville has ever seen come to Pure Day Spa

Rejuvenate, brighten and illuminate your skin with our specialized skin treatments. With us, you are getting one of the best facials available, and you will also receive a complimentary brow shape or brow tint on request.

Pure Day Spa is known as being the provider of the best facials Durbanville clients have ever experienced, and our selection is comprehensive. We offer both basic and advanced Nimue facials to both teenagers and adults, who want to improve the overall appearance of their skin or combat skin issues. One of the advanced treatments we offer is the Nimue 7.5% TCA, which offers clients stunning end results, with a more radiant, smoother skin texture as well as the lightening of pigmentation. The Teenage Deep Cleanse facial we offer is perfect for girls who are planning on looking their best for their Matric Dance, as it cleanses, tones, and exfoliates, leaving skin looking and feeling fresh and dewy.

We strive to maintain a high quality standard with every facial our clients receive, and so only make use of the absolute best products on the market – Nimue. Our therapists are highly qualified and trained, and so can provide unique treatments, such as the popular micro-needling treatment, which produce microscopic channels, perfect for the deep penetration of the excellent trans dermal solutions (TDS). This treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin, restoring the youthful plumpness of the skin. Visit Pure Day Spa for an effective and relaxing facial before a special event, or simply because you feel like it!

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