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Team Dr Joseph

We believe that a glowing and balanced skin is based on a holistic understanding of the human body. The focus is always on the effect of the products – in response to your skin’s actual needs.

We do not believe in a monocausal selection of raw materials. That is why you will not find isolated functional ingredients in our products, but carefully selected, flawless and deep-acting combinations of functional ingredients from different plants, which complement and strengthen each other and thus guarantee a better result. Comparable to clockworks, in which the cogs mesh perfectly, the active plant substances develop and potentiate their concentrated effect in harmonious interaction. The complex combinations of functional ingredients work at different levels of the human body, respecting the delicate balance of the skin and supporting its function. Since simple answers to complex systems cannot be adequate and future-oriented answers.

Kalahari Skincare

Kalahari Skincare is a Phyto-ceutical Product Range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical experts and cosmetic scientists. Superior plant oils and phyto-effective extracts are compounded into quality skincare solutions that restore and nourish your skin. Kalahari Skincare provides visible results and treatments suitable for all skin conditions. This signature range is more than a cutting-edge natural treatment. It is an experience of Africa itself –the colours of the earth, the raw textures and the rare fragrances all wrapped in life-giving goodness. 

The best facials Durbanville has ever seen

Rejuvenate, brighten and illuminate your skin with our specialized skin treatments. With us, you are getting one of the best facials available.

We offer both basic and advanced Kalahari facials to both teenagers and adults, who want to improve the overall appearance of their skin or combat skin issues. One of the advanced treatments we offer is the Kalahari TCA peel, which offers clients stunning end results, with a more radiant, smoother skin texture as well as the lightening of pigmentation. The Teenage Deep Cleanse facial we offer is perfect for girls who are planning on looking their best for their Matric Dance, as it cleanses, tones, and exfoliates, leaving skin looking and feeling fresh and dewy. Kalahari also offers micro-needling which is an amazing treatment to improve skin health and reverse signs of ageing. This treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin, restoring the youthful plumpness of the skin.
We strive to maintain a high quality standard with every facial our clients receive, and so only make use of the absolute best products on the market – Kalahari and Team Dr Joseph. Our therapists are highly qualified and trained, and so can provide unique treatments. Visit Pure Day Spa for an effective and relaxing facial before a special event, or simply because you feel like it!

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