Bridal Bliss:

We start off with a 30min relaxing Back, neck and shoulder massage. Followed by a 50min Team Dr Joseph Powerlift Facial. Ending off with an express manicure and pedicure with a gel application. This is a wonderful package to enjoy before an event as it is relaxing, yet grooming.


Mother & Daughter:

The package starts off with a 30min relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, Followed by a full Pure manicure and pedicure. While your varnish on your hands and feet are drying, we finish off with a Team Dr Joseph Purifying facial. This is a nice package to enjoy with someone you would like to bond with. This is also a good all round package to enjoy by yourself.


Complete Tranquility:

We start off with a 90min Hots Stone massage and perform a Team Dr Joseph Cellular recreation facial. This package is the ultimate relaxation! The most relaxing facial and massage combined.


Soulful Drift:

Starting off with a dry body exfoliation to get rid of all the dead dry skin cells and preparing the skin for ultimate absorbsion of the massage oils used in the 90min Hot Stone massage. This package is great for relaxation and the guest that does not get time to scrub their bodies.



This package is popular among guests that do birthday parties of het togethers. You get to choose three treatments from a list of 30min treatments. Enjoy this package with friends or family or if you would like to spoil yourself.

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