Back and Neck Massage:

By using Kalahari grape seed oil we focus on your back, neck and shoulders with soft to firm pressure to relieve tension and stress.  Be sure to let your therapist know what kind of pressure you prefer and which area on your back needs most attention.

Swedish Massage:

For our swedish massage we use Kalahari grape seed oil to focus on the full body for total relaxation.  Pressure ranges from soft to firm.  Be sure to advise your therapist what type of pressure and focus you need on your body.

Hot Stone Massage:

We use Kalahari oil blends and hot stones to relax tense muscles, improve blood and lymph flow and an overall relaxation of your body.  Soft to firm pressure massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

We use Kalahari oil blends.  We perform a deep massage to loosen tight muscles and knots.

Couples Massage:

Bring anybody you would like to treat to a massage.  This massage is performed in our lovely couples room.  Be sure to advise your therapist as to which pressure and area you would like focus on.

Prenatal Massage:

Using Kalahari grape seed oil on mommies to be.  We will perform the prenatal massage with our guest laying on her side.  This is a wonderful way to relax the tense muscles and sore feet of mom to be.  We will only perform this treatment after the first trimester.

Indian Head Massage:

Your scalp is one of the body parts that carries most tension.  We perform this treatment with or without oil.  We also include the décolletage and neck for added benefits.

Foot Reflexology Massage:

This pressure point massage is performed on the feet with baby powder to avoid too much slip.  As the rest of the body carries tension, you can treat your whole body by just doing reflexology on the feet as all your organs and body parts are connected.  We are able to advise you where we feel knots, but cannot provide any form of diagnosis.

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