Kalahari Skincare is a Phyto-Ceutical Product Range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical experts and cosmetic scientists. The highly plant-effective, innovative formulations contain superior-grade botanical oils and exceptional plant extracts from Africa. These natural ingredients are then compounded together with scientifically-proven ingredients sourced from well-known, international laboratories. Kalahari Skincare provides visible result and treatment solutions, suitable for all skin conditions.


Hydrating Honeybush Skin Treatment:

A combination of effective African plant extracts and oils that will nourish a dull and dehydrated skin. The skin will appear rejuvenated and ultra-hydrated. This facial is suitable for all skin conditions, including young skins. Benefits: Hydrating, Nourishing and Moisturising.


Lipid Rich Skin Treatment;

The Lipid Rich Mask is a botanical oil mask rich in essential fatty acids and suitable for dehydrated and dry skin conditions.  The mask is filled with ingredients that will leave your skin ultra-hydrated, deeply moisturised and the natural barrier will be restored. Benefits: Ultra hydrating, Moisturising, restoration of natural skin barrier.


Vitamin C Skin Treatment:

This is an ultra-firming, de-aging treatment rich in organic Vit C and essential antioxidants. Vit C will boost and improve collagen and elastin regeneration. The skin will appear visibly firmer, pores will be tightened and skin will appear bright and rejuvenated. Benefits: Visible firming, rejuvenating, Brightening, smoother texture and more even skin colour.


Revitalising Vita Gel Skin Treatment:

An ultra-revitalising, de-ageing and rejuvenating gel mask enriched with natural moisture building ingredients, alpha hydroxy acids and peptides. The combination of ingredients has a multitude of highly effective properties that will leave the skin visibly de-texturised and smooth. Benefits: de-ageing, ultra-rejuvenating, smoother skin r=texture and more even skin tone.


Phytic Clay Skin Treatment:

The mask contains effective ingredients such as Glycolic acid, Mandelic Acid and Phytic acid derived from Soybean extract. The treatment clay accelerates collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation and is suitable for problematic skins as well as hyperpigmentation. Benefits: Collagen stimulating, evens out skin tone, purifies the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and firms skin.


Phyto Enzyme Skin Treatment:

Highly effective, deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with de-ageing benefits. The treatment gel contains Pumpkin enzymes in combination with Glycolic acid and will leave the skin visibly brighter and rejuvenated. Benefits: De-ageing, deep exfoliation, evens out skin tone, smoother skin texture and clarifying.


Add-on Collagen Mask:

The Kalahari Effervescent Collagen Tablets comprises if Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide Powder which is an amino acid rich Type-1 collagen. The Amino acids are the protein’s building blocks that have chains of collagen-derived protein amino acids. This mask can be personalised to every clients’ skincare needs. Benefits: De-aging, Brightening, Improves collagen and elastin in the skin.


Add-on Alginate Mask:

The Kalahari Hyaluronic Alginate peel off mask was developed as an optional application suitable to use in combination with all our professional treatments. This mask is recommended to be applied over our Kalahari serums for enhancing product penetration during the treatment. The Mask also has a cooling effect after active treatments such as peels. The mask can be applied over the eyes and mouth for added benefits. Benefits: Cooling, Hydrating, de-ageing, product penetration.

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